4 thoughts on “Midges & Trout

  1. Hi Bob, let’s have a toast to those “itty bitty things”. What would we do without them?

    You and Abby did real good. Can she handle 6X without getting too excited?

  2. Les: Yes,midges often save the day. I travel to the Mo to fish BWO’s in the Spring but sometimes my best fish occur on midges in the morning when wind is non- existent and water is glassy flat.
    Abby, is learning to double-haul and mend line more effectively…mastering a hook up on light tippet is next lesson, along with NOT chasing a hooked fish.
    Your blog, The Ignorant Angler, looks spectacular!!!!!

    • Now I’m jealous. Abby can double haul? As for chasing fish, don’t be too hard on her. You and I chase hooked fish too!

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog appearance. I like a “cleaner” look, much like what you present here.

      Any plans to hit the MO in the near future?

      • Les: Yes re: Mo. We are in full blown run-off here and with the significant snow pack we will be for several weeks. So hope to go down to Craig one or two times in either May or June. I’ve been watching the dry fly reports (and flows) and so far not very positive….usually this time of yr is stellar???(maybe high flows,7000plus??) I’m waiting on a “green light” to zoom down. It will probably have to be on a weekend. Will let you know when I can go…

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