No fishing lately. SW Alberta is still in run-off (rivers). A slow and steady one so far…that’s good.

Some window photos…




001 (2)

4 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Bob, plenty of runoff here too. Have to drive a bit to find some fishable water. I’ve been to the Henry’s Fork three times in the past couple of weeks and have yet to make a cast. Hopefully we’ll have enough water this summer.

  2. Les, I have been having difficulty posting on your site…tried making comments on several of your recent posts such as Nelson Spring creek, 30 yr return to Small Creek ,etc. Must be something at my end. In future will try from work see if I’m more successful.
    Yes, high water everywhere. Our rivers are starting to decline so in a few weeks should be good for tossing dries…I guess it all depends on home much rain we get.
    Nice posts on your blog. Your Nelson post pics…I took some of the same ones (signs) when I fished it 12 or 13 yrs ago.

  3. Hi Robert,

    Nice photos! I recognize the mountain being reflected in the glass. You have a great view from your place. It won’t be long before our local trout streams provide an opportunity to take other kinds of images to “reflect” on.

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