Canyon Trout


I went down into the canyon. It’s a fairly long walk. I haven’t been there in several years…beautiful place, eerie at times, especially when you’re alone. I took Abby with me.


The angling was a bit slow. We are kind of between hatches: the Pmd’s are waning and the hoppers (not really a hatch) aren’t doing the “hop” yet. The canyon can be a good place for terrestrial fishing as bugs get blown off of the cliffs and fall into the river. The trout eventually clue in to this.


They weren’t looking up on the weekend, however, I did manage to fool a few fish in the shallows that were willing to rise: rainbows. I was on the hunt for brown trout. Some fish took a good look at my fly but were skeptical and turned away. I saw several nice ones on nymphs but they wouldn’t budge from the bottom. The good thing is there were fish around and I spotted some.


Abby on the cliff

Sight-fishing in the canyon can be challenging as the light-coloured cliffs reflect sunlight  casting an intense glare on the water.


I’ll go back when the grasshoppers are more prevalent (hopefully soon) and the fish are on the lookout for them and showing themselves by rising. Then my terrestrial fly impressions will be more productive.




8 thoughts on “Canyon Trout

  1. Bob, an interesting, almost stark looking landscape, at least the cliff side. Looks like a lot of water runs through there in the spring. Really nice healthy looking fish too.

    • les: I’m still having challenges posting on your blog. Enjoyed the piece on fishing the creek in primetime(july) and photography and other recent posts.
      Yes, healthy fish in the river. Mature ones are large but few fish overall. Kind of NZ like. Dam controlled now so spring floods are controlled; not the run off there use to be. I’m sure a lot of water use to go through the region…less now…same everywhere. A beautiful place to search for fish but need a little bug life to have some success as fish down deep in pools generally. Not an easy place to make a connection. I had to put in time.

      • Fewer fish are well worth the effort, especially if you don’t have a pile of folks trying to beat you to ’em. Searching in solitude is a good thing.

  2. Wow. Looks like an amazing place to fish. I’m hoping to get out that way fishing soon enough. My first attempt didn’t pan out, so I’m hoping for some time in the fall.

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