It was 35C/95F in the river valley on Sunday. A lot of low, flat water. No bugs to speak of. No bugs for a while now. Just bright sun, heat radiating off of the river rocks and glare. A lot of walking and looking in the dead calm. Occasionally a subtle surface disturbance would bring me out of the heat induced daze. It would catch my attention. A trout or a mirage?





brown on grasshopper



beetle fly



rainbow on ant




rainbow on beetle



the road out



dinosaurs crossing the hot plains



mountains cloaked in smoke and heat

6 thoughts on “35C

    • Bill: Thanks for comment on blog….photos and text. Often the simplicity of the writing has to do with lack of time and the fact that it takes me forever to write anything; so I try and keep it simple. thanks for dropping in. Good luck on your next angling adventure.

  1. I enjoyed the post! Sounds like a South African summer….. It may have been hot, but those are good fish! What sort of water temps do you experience when the air gets this hot? Cheers


    • Andrew: Thanks for dropping in. Probably is like a S African summer here! Most of our rivers stay fairly cool, esp those up in mountains(rockies). The ones frequently featured in this post run out of reservoir/dams…tailwater (bottom release) rivers and therefore are cool for several miles. Water temperature on my most recent posts are probably 60f, safe range….closer to dam release even cooler…5 miles downstream probably 65F.
      Always enjoy your blog: truttablog……………….fine looking rivers/terrain. Love the look of the streams in most recent post, Inzinga valley(?)….trying to figure out what a Wattle tree is and why they are bad for the rivers? I’d fish those beautiful rivers any day of the week. Spectacular countryside.

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