river paths

path (1)

River paths. For an angler on foot early morning on a river path is always about the promise of the day. With each step one thinks about all the possibilities.

When returning late afternoon or evening on the same path there is always a review of the day. A recalling of great trout seen, those caught, and missed.

A river path takes you in and brings you back out…


rainbow on dry-fly



idaho path.JPG


river trial.JPG



2 thoughts on “river paths

  1. Many are able and prefer to get off the path. I usually find myself right on them, and those paths do become part of each revisit and etched in the memories of each place. The walk down the Ranch path is surreal every time. A ritual.

    • Jim: Paths do become part of each re-visit….just like a familiar river pool….and the ritual of returning and walking them season after season is comforting/ grounding. Familiar paths become like friends.
      Thanks for dropping in.

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