one week in july

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Joe F. – best of the week

One week in July. Summertime. A visiting friend. Chasing trout. Walking. Wading. Watching. Sight-fishing. Three rivers visited. Two fished regularly. One in the day. The other in the evening. A fishing rhythm. Trout on small dry flies: size 16, 18 Pale Morning Duns; small beetles; ant patterns. A few taken sight-fishing nymphs. Some good ones caught. Some good ones lost. A fly rod found. The owner found.

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trout-spotting from the bank

Outside all day. Then back at it in the evening. A good week.

One week in July…

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crowsnest rainbow caught by Joe F

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my best rainbow

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low water sight fishing

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half day on a pond

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small dry flies

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brown trout

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6 thoughts on “one week in july

  1. That looks like a very satisfying trip. I was out that way over the weekend and had an amazing time. You’re very lucky to live so close to that many excellent streams. It was tough to leave.

    • Douglas: Good to hear you got to the region and had an amazing time. Sounds like you fished a bit. Next time feel free to touch base if you have time. Yes, the region has many fine rivers/streams…and lakes. It is also prime time in terms of hatches…activity. Hope we get some rain so sw alberta and your region don’t burn like last summer. Thanks for dropping in. I always enjoy your blog:

    • Jim: Yes, it was a good week. However, not easy even with good conditions. Had to hunt for them….put in our time, and take advantage of opportunity when bugs came off. Looks like your favorite rivers are high still. One of my tailwaters is also high…they keep releasing water even though it (reservoir) is not 100% full. Good luck down there. I’ll keep checking your blog on your wanderings.

  2. Fly rod found. I wonder who that belonged to. I think the most interesting part of the story is that when you came into fly shop, I took your information down without knowing that it was my rod. When it came to fishing time and I saw there was no rod in the usual place in my car, I figured out it was mine. I rang your phone off the hook. Thanks again, Robert. Wonderful, wonderful trout! A pleasure to look at your photos.

    • Kale: I was going to write a long story about the fly rod and returning it but didn’t feel I had the time now that I’m back at work and enjoying summertime outdoors in the evenings. So i did a quick post/write up and threw in a lot of photos. Glad the fly rod returned home. I know if I left my favorite rod ( interestingly a tfo, bvk) in an angling parking area, I’d hope someone would try to return it/find me.
      Hope you are enjoying the region and your time at the Crowsnest Angler.
      Thanks for making a comment.
      BTW, I’m envious of your name! Has the ring of Royalty to it!

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