coulee trout

Sunlight finally fills the ravine. The river can now be searched from above. Climb out and up. Follow a deer or cattle path. Perch on the edge. Watch for life. Look for movement in the flow. Then drop back down…



brown taken on size 16 pmd






looking west; continental divide


rainbow on pmd



4 thoughts on “coulee trout

  1. Bob, since everyone else’s glasses must be fogged, I’ve got to speak up and say that that brown is taimen-esque. You need to start packing a harpoon instead of that halibut net.

  2. Les: I’ve been trying to make a comment on your “Burn” post but won’t go through for some reason. That brown was a nice one but it is the camera angle that enhances it. Great pics on your blog: the ignorant angler. Thanks for dropping in.

    • Bob, you did fine with the comments. Something happened with Blogger wherein I no longer receive an email notice indicating that someone has left a comment. I’ve got to go looking for them, which, like checking for phone calls and texts, I’m not very good at.

      Camera angle notwithstanding, that was a nice brown. I like those shots. They even make a dachshund look big.

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