transition time

Sliding into Autumn. Pale Duns have had their day. Blue Winged Olives are just starting. A few Mahogany may flies around too. The dry-fly angling has been challenging during the transition. Visited four very different rivers over the past few weekends. It was hard to find rising fish. Had to walked a lot and search. Not easy. Not many opportunities. Caught a few nice ones. Missed a couple. Time spent roaming around beautiful SW Alberta in search of trout is always enriching…



Underdog without cape


cuttbow, I believe

cliffpiles (1)


same thick cuttbow caught on size 16 mahogany





great rainbow


trout spotting


size 18 flies


cliffpiles (2)

same rainbow, on size 18 hacklestacker bwo

6 thoughts on “transition time

  1. Hopefully, the slide into autumn (and what comes after that), will take its time. It’s trying to snow in Crowsnest Pass today. I guess it’s not unusual for us to get our first snow in September. Nice photos. I like the one of the high clay bank that is collapsing in a couple places. A friend, Joey Coccioloni, used to call these the “Widowmaker Cliffs” because you didn’t want to be standing below them if a big slab of dirt let loose. It’s a very picturesque spot, though. Maybe a few trout close by, too!

    • Vic: They are spooky and impressive (cliffs) when you get near them. I never go very close and certainly not right below them. Stuff is always falling off of them. “Widowmaker” is very appropriate. I’ve heard someone call them, “Cliffs of Doom”. They look like photos I’ve seen of Cliffs of Dover. When lighting is right they have great texture. Thanks for stopping in. Enjoyed your cutthroat post…beautiful fish.

  2. Like those Hackle stackers with thread bodies for BWO imitations. Most of my dry fly fishing is North of Calgary on the small streams and I use them a lot including chasing snouts on the Bow River. Love and follow your blog.

    • Lornce: Yes H Stackers are a great pattern. I fooled some low water, challenging fish on the Crow today with them. They wouldn’t eat a parachute pattern, nor CDC wing. Fooled a great brown yesterday with them but couldn’t get another to eat anything!! I’m sure they produce well on small brown trout water north of Calgary and as you say on the Bow. Checked out your blog the other day. Must say very nice!!! Color shots!!!Nice writing/ content. Great blog.You obviously have fished a lot and tie real well. I’m an average tyer at best.
      I’ll post a comment on your blog at some pt. once I get more time to look at it….when fishing season ends. Thanks for dropping in.

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