Pics I Dig


gate in smoke

mussrom (1).JPG



DSCN5098 (2)

rainbow and boot


DSCN4992 (2)

DSCN3762 (2)

abby at old rodeo grounds


DSCN4978 (2)


4 thoughts on “Pics I Dig

  1. I’ll make a suggestions which you should think about = publish your photos in book with geared to regional tourism/fishing/travel = maybe write an article for local magazine. Also you should have some prints made that you can sell online from the blog or have a gallery showing.

    They are great. >

    • Brian: Thanks for nice comments on photos. Great suggestions. No time right now for such a project (s). Maybe when I wrap-up my illustrious career! LOL! Hope all is well.

  2. I dig photo number four. No, make that number three with Abby. On third thought, the PMD eyeing up the fake in the hook keeper is pretty cool too.

    Are those giant puffballs in number two? They’re pretty good when sliced, breaded and fried.

    • Les: I dig no. 4 also…had it on my screensaver at work for awhile. Puffballs are good. That photo (puffballs) was taken in NZ last winter.
      Hope all is well . Look forward to your future posts. Check out what Jim has been up to:Tarpon! Thanks for dropping in.

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