picky feeders

I spotted several decent rising trout in the tail section of a big slow pool last week. They were feeding on pale duns. It was the end of a fishing day, I was tired and it was a long walk back to my car so I made a couple quick casts with no results and then moved on. One week later I returned. It was as calm as before. The trout were rising as before. It was the same weak PMD hatch as before.

In full sun and low clear water the trout inspected my flies carefully often rejecting my impressions last second. Fun stuff to watch. Many fly changes. Mostly the same result. Parachutes, hacklestackers, cdc duns, and a variety of emerger patterns were casted. All scrutinized. Just about all rejected. One trout ate a hacklestacker. I dug through my fly box and then hooked two fine trout on a fly tied several years ago with a swiss straw wing, one turn or so of dun hackle clipped on bottom, thread body, size 18 hook. I tied a few more this week…

a hot day

rainbow trout

6 thoughts on “picky feeders

  1. Swiss straw. I’m sure I’ve got some of that stuff in a cardboard box someplace from many moons ago! That looks like my kind of fly, and I know where there’s some long slick pools a couple hundred miles south of the border where the trout would approve too. Lookin’ good.

  2. Jim: When I decided to tie some of those flies I had to hunt for the wing material, and couldn’t remember what it was called until found it. I was thinking Raffia ribbon at first then came upon Swiss Straw a a box. Fooled a few fish with the fly…next week they might not work and I’ll be going with a different construction/design. Thanks for dropping in. I guess you are preparing for your Fall tour!

    • Vic: Odd material but easy to tie down. I think I bought it and tied small flies with it on picky Missouri river fish many yrs ago. Worked the other day…or maybe it was the finer tippet, better casting angle and drift, the wind ruffling the surface a bit, clouds coming in, barometric pressure, solar flares, the cow on the river bank, LOL, etc.

  3. A little late to this discussion but I really enjoy all of your blogs, as well as Vic’s shop up on the pass when I fish AB-BC, which is most years except this one.

    The older version of Medallion sheeting was heap big medicine for small fly cut wings, particularly knock-down duns and spinners. The new stuff – advertised as buggy – is way too thick.

    My laboratory is the Upper Delaware system in PA and NY. Once the summer sulfurs start on the West Branch, only Silver Creek ID trout present more of a challenge.

    Go dry or go home!

    • Greg: Thanks for comment on post and blog. I lived in Montreal into my forties and fished upstate NY near Quebec border and drove to West Branch/Hancock several times for brief trips. Enjoyed the Delaware R, picky trout and beauty of region. For inspiration/ideas on patterns I look at some tyers who fish Delware. A. Ritter’s patterns come to mind…he also takes good photos of his flies. And Silver Creek another special place….
      Vic at Crowsnest Angler, a great guy.
      Again thanks for comment. Tight lines…

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