4 thoughts on “duck prints

  1. Hello Bob,
    Curious photo!
    I liked
    Now, we could say that according to its tracks, the duck was walking at its own pace and suddenly for some reason slowed down or stopped its march, right?
    Here we are in quarantine and isolation due to the pandemic so we cannot go fishing.
    While I wait, I dedicate myself to fly tying and reading classic fly fishing books.
    Be well

    • Humberto; Sorry to hear you can’t go fishing but understandable given situation. I can still fish but winter is taking a long time to leave. If I remember right you live in or near Mendoza. Probably a high density (population place)…so probably many restrictions at his point.
      I think the duck slowed down to enter the river gracefully…
      Sounds like you are managing quarantine well: reading classic fly fishing books; tying flies. Ever read “Spring Creek” by Nick Lyons? Or “The habit of Rivers” by Ted Leeson? Two of my favorites….How about an older one, “A modern Dry Fly Code”. Presently, I’m reading Moby Dick…tough read but a great book.
      I’m going to check your blog to see what you’ve been tying.
      You also be well.

      • Bob
        I live in Còrdoba, the second most important city in population and size in Argentina. The first is of course, Buenos Aires.
        Mendoza is a beautiful city that is further west towards the Andes mountain range about 700 km from Còrdoba.
        Except for Moby Dick, I have not read the interesting titles you mention.
        I’m currently rereading “In the ring of the rise” by Marinaro and starting “Minor Tactics of the Chalk Streams” by G.E.M. Skues, a beautiful edition that I got.
        Also here, I want to thank you for your comments on my blog.
        Good fishing!

  2. Humberto: You are reading some classic books…A Skues edition, probably not easy to come by. And Ring of the Rise…haven’t read that one yet. Enjoy your readings.
    Yes, Cordoba not Mendoza…Pampa de Achala just to the west..not a long drive depending on where you live in the city.
    Ok, good fly tying….you are going into the Fall season soon. Hopefully, you can get out to chase trout in a month or so.

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