4 thoughts on “handtwisted furled leaders

    • Hey Amos: They (furled) turn over nicely….just add tippet. I usually don’t fish them (furled) but decided to hand tie/twist some up and see how my creations work. I usually tie my own knotted leaders with straight mono , not furled. I use stiff chameleon/ maxima butt section and then sections of maxima green and then add regular tippet….I like tying my own as windy where I fish and a stiff leader allows me to punch out the fly in most conditions. I’ve purchased furled leaders in past; some made of mono, some thread. Thread ones super soft and limp and not good in wind…on calm day land wonderfully. Advantages/disadvantages….DK….just tied some up and will try my versions out when rivers drop. Hope you are doing well.

  1. I’ve fished thread furled leaders and do like them especially on more intimate water. I actually did up a couple of hand twisted mono leaders this winter but have not had a chance to try them.

  2. Lornce: Yes thread ones land real light/soft and good for small water/creeks. Mono ones more weight and stiffness, depending on mono used, and better probably for our bigger water. Have fun trying them out when you get a chance. I’ve been casting mine on a church lawn to see how they perform. I didn’t even know you could hand twist them…then found a couple of videos and practiced and got reasonably good at it. Good luck angling post run off. Thanks for dropping in.

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