cottage sign

“For as long as I can remember, my nickname was Dusty. I remember my Dad naming me that because of the streets where we lived”.

Dusty Rhodes

I PURCHASED a neglected old Miners home in SW Alberta 17 years ago. I’ve been working on it since. It’s tiny and really just a cottage. The best thing about it is that it is in the the heart of Trout Country: right near the Crowsnest river and many other spectacular flows. You would have a hard time finding a better fly fishing location anywhere in North America. Winters can be brutal (that’s Canada) but most summers are picture perfect on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The rivers are clear, insects often hatch and trout rise, and there is a great fly shop (Crowsnest Angler) just down the street. For years I’ve wanted to name my home and have a sign made. Time flies! Seventeen years later here it is. The cottage is small, it’s a faded blue color and has a lot of green foliage around it in the summertime. I named it after a hatch on my local river…the “Blue Winged Olive Cottage”.



8 thoughts on “cottage sign

    • Hey Jim: Been checking your blog: Jim’s see when you begin you “tour of duty”. Haven’t seen anything lately so it should start soon. Maybe you are waiting for flows to drop a bit. The gas tank is probably full and the rig ready to roll.The Mo looks like it is in hi 5, low 6 range…..I can’t go due to border restrictions. Nothing happening here all spring, no olives, now in run-off but dropping lately if heavy rain holds off. Good luck with season.

  1. Hi Bob,

    I love your house. You have done an excellent job all these years, keeping it in tip-top shape. I’m sure it has a lot of stories it could tell. As you know, I used to live across the back lane from your place. I knew the old man who lived there. He was a friendly guy and a fisherman, like you. I’m sure he would be pleased with what you have done to the place. I like the sign. Very appropriate. Thanks for the plug re the shop!


    • Vic: Thanks for the comment on my house. It has come a long way from when I bought it. Of course my wife, Rebecca, did as much renovating, if not more, than me. I guess I should have given her credit in the blog! Nice to hear the former owner was an angler…I’m thinking of ordering another sign for the front of house as the present one is on the side…will see if i can get a trout or fly carved into the sign. Good luck this season!

  2. Great looking sign Bob, it would fit in anywhere in trout country. It looks pretty sharp tacked up outside the door too.

    Looks like to MO is heading for 10,000. So, you’re not missing much.

    All the best…..

    • Les: Thanks for comment on sign. Yes, it looks good next to the door! Hope all is well and you are getting on The Creek. Nice thing about the creeks is I guess a pretty even year round flow.
      MO did jump a lot….just checked after reading your comment. Big jump. I guess snow pack in your area was significant this yr. So I’m not missing much in Craig..May and June can be spectacular on Mo when flow is manageable…wade friendly. Have a good season. Best of luck.

    • Humberto: Thanks for comment on cabin. Hope you are well. Nice tying in the mini series on recent post in you blog: Very attractive flies and the trout like them too!

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