6 thoughts on “damsel dry flies

  1. Lornce: Hope you are well. I’ve fished damsel flies on Silver Creek in Idaho in the late summer. Blue colored ones were all over the floating weed mats and the trout would actually poke their heads up on to the mats, reach and gobble them. Fun to watch. I’ve also fished them in New Zealand. I’ve never fished my own patterns; my own ties. I’ve always purchased them. Figured I tie some this winter for next summer. Found some designs on the internet. These are foam: blue; tan; green. Easier to tie than I expected. Hope they work out ok. Thanks for dropping in.

    • Les: Don’t know how my Damsels will fish. Will find out this summer; right time; right place. One summer, late August on Silver Creek, blue Damsels were all over the weed mats and some hovering, and trout would cruise the mat edges and pick them off in slow water sections. Some trout reached up on the weeds like Orca picking off Seals at the edge of a beach (less aggressively). I would cast my purchased blue Damsel to an edge and let it lie dormant in the water and cruising trout would rarely pass by without a look and take. Saw the same event in a tarn/pond in NZ. I forgot to put a light visual post on the ones I tied so might either tie some new ones or add a bit of yellow or white foam (indicator) on already tied Damsel backs.

  2. I love adult damsels in though see hot, still afternoons on the MO too! I can show you a blue one with a small, wrapped, blue foam thorax wound over with grizzly hackle, palmered and clipped on the bottom.

    • Yes, I’m sure the Mo has them (Damsels) in the dog days of summer. Never experienced it as fish that river Spring and Fall. Although a long time ago was there in August and fished tricos early morning….I’m sure damsels around but never noticed. The longer you fish the more you notice….I think?! Yes, I’d like to see that pattern of yours. I used grizzly hackle on a few of mine (my photos don’t show it well) tied parachute style…found, I think it was, a Charlie Craven pattern on the internet and copied it. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for dropping in. Have you been Tarpon fishng? I’ll check your blog.

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