light terrestrial dries

Some small CDC beetles. Lighter than foam. Less of a plop/commotion when they land. Sometimes that’s good, such as in low, slow, clear water and with trout that have been fished over repeatedly and therefore easily frightened by any disturbance. I remember one particularly challenging river in NZ where the heavy plop of a foam beetle, even some distance away, sent more than one trout fleeing. I could have made these ties even lighter by also using CDC for the legs instead of fine rubber ones.


5 thoughts on “light terrestrial dries

    • Yes, I’ve seen your Harrop beetles and they look good as do all your ties. I’ll take another look at them. Just checked your blog, Jim’s Wanderings, and see you have been busy tarpon fishing. Sounds like an amazing trip…perfect weather.

    • Roman: Large skittish trout, clear rivers, sheep and Hobbit running in the nearby hills, and quality coffee shops in every little quaint town are simply myths created by the NZ tourism industry. Anyone who has been there knows this…simply fables!!!!!

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