When you head out to a river for a day or evening of angling you often have a set of parameters that you operate by. For some people these criterion are broad. For some they are very narrow. The longer you’ve been at something like fly fishing, or any other pursuit, the more you have probably refined the way you practice it; the way you go about it; the path you chose to take. Over time you focus more intensely on some things and discard much of the rest.

Here are some fine trout fooled with small dry flies: mostly ants, beetles and pmd’s in contrasting landscapes and rivers. Some wide flat flows in open austere terrain and smaller clear ones in a treed mountainous landscape. Trout, from the Plains to the Rockies…

irresponsible ranching
brown trout
same brown
golden retriever hair pmd
cutthroat stream
clear water
pmd box
some color

2 thoughts on “parameters…

  1. Yikes, you threw me off with the colour pix, although it is wonderful. Heading up to the upper Red Deer river to do some exploring tomorrow. Always interesting to hit water you haven’t experienced before. You reminded me ot tie up some beetles for the trip. Love the post.

    • Lornce: Thanks for comment. Yes, some color! Good luck on upper Red Deer. I fish beetles all summer and through fall in different situations and have success with them. BTW, enjoy seeing the flies you tie…always nice work.

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