gimme shelter

WIND. It has been making rivers out on the Plains challenging. Top water angling out in the great wide open has been poor. So I’ve been looking for calmer conditions, some shelter and hopefully some sight-fishing opportunities up in the forested mountain valleys. Here are some nice cutthroats and hybrids (cuttbows) found in some sheltered streams caught on olives, small and mid-sized drakes, and beetles…

some color

6 thoughts on “gimme shelter

  1. Beautiful photographs and the fish and scenery are incredible. I know these streams and places are secret, but is there a “big river” or town/city address I can use to orient myself to the location.

    • C of B: Thanks for the kind comments on post/blog and respectful inquiry. BTW, like your “handle” re: rod maker. Most of my posts, fish pics, etc, are from my region: Crowsnest Pass, SW Alberta. The famous river in region is Crowsnest River. However, there are many other streams…a life time of angling. A good resource is “The Trout Streams of Alberta” book, if you can find one. Another great resource if you are considering visiting is the Crowsnest Angler fly shop in Bellevue, Alberta…middle of the Crowsnest Pass. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Perfect, thanks, love this blog, been slowly collecting C of Bs for their parabolic actions and eccentric staggered ferrules. Underestimated rods.

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