Crisp in the mornings. Sun is arcing low. Noticeable long shadows mid-afternoon. Still windy. Still mainly hanging out in the mountains trying to escape the wind. Still fishing dry flies. Did spend one half day on a tailwater river out on the Plains sight-fishing a slightly sheltered back bay.

Some October photos…a lot of shadows.

sight-fishing a river back bay
back bay rainbow
up high sight fishing
creek cutthroat
creek hybrid: rainbow-cutthroat
flat water fly, size 18
drive to mountains
creek cutt
creek cutthroat
another wet lens shot
small creek cutthroat

4 thoughts on “october

  1. Hi Bob,

    Great shots! You have been catching some nice healthy trout as of late. It’s a great time of the year for taking landscape photos. With the sun lower on the horizon, the lighting can be nice all day long. Won’t be long before the snow flies, though. Hope you catch a few more fish before this happens!


  2. Vic: Thanks for comment on photos. Coming from a photographer, I appreciate it. Some water on the lens issues…splashing trout! Yes, the Fall low light much of the day shows off the character of the land. Great time of year to be outdoors and taking photos.

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