autumn shadows

Shadows are long mid-afternoon. Transition time (Autumn) tends to be swift at latitude 49 degrees. It roars in. There are more leaves on the water than mayflies. The Brown trout are on redds. Dry fly angling is almost non-existent on the rivers I frequent. Maybe there are a few more good days left? Maybe. Probably just wishful thinking.

Shadows are lengthening; shadows created by light…

2 thoughts on “autumn shadows

  1. Hi Bob,

    The days are getting shorter and the shadows, longer. It won’t be long before all we’ll be able to do is tie flies, read fishing books, look at fishing websites, and dream about next season. Hopefully, there are still a few days left before winter arrives, where trout will look up to some of your dry flies.


    • Vic: I was out yesterday. Perfect conditions but few BWOs. No decent risers. I think that’s it for surface action. Saw some very large colorful Brown trout on redds. One I spooked before I saw it. When it scurried off. with the grey light and surface glare, I thought it was at first a beaver or large otter. Impressive trout. I’ve seen a few giant ones this fall on the tailwater rivers.
      Hope your research is going well and that you found that photo you were searching for.
      Thanks for dropping in.

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