trout on the plains

The third week of July. Hot. Summer has finally arrived. It took forever to get here. I took a brief road trip to a river out on the Plains. Very few bugs were on the water. Usually insect life is much more prolific at this time of year. Often Pmd’s pop all summer long. And waves of caddis. Not this year. Finding fish was challenging in the somewhat lifeless, bugless looking water. A couple of trout were eventually spotted after hiking and watching several pools in the bright light. One was a brown trout which surprisingly surfaced in shallow moving water to a size 18 emerger pattern in full mid-day sun.

brown trout

Some photos from the half day outing. Several windshield shots of the road trip to and from the river…

size 18 emerger
rainbow trout
brown trout
dry fly pool
road home

8 thoughts on “trout on the plains

    • Yes, it has been a lucrative venture running this blog. Income from it continues to soar. Look out Mr E. Musk!
      Hope all is well. Doesn’t look like you guys will be out this season…maybe a winter trip south instead.

  1. Hi Bob,

    With all that dough you are making with your blog, you might be interested in purchasing a thriving business specializing in fly-fishing paraphernalia? I happen to know of one that would be a nice fit for you! Great fish in your post. Hopefully, the bugs will start showing up soon!


    • The dough from my blog might get me one Redington Zinger! Maybe? Or one Dr Slick Zinger and a Dr Pepper. Or six Atomic Ants! Funny comment Vic. Hope your day went well. I got eaten alive by mosquitos on St M river today. Brutal….Deet lasted 30 seconds max.

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