Early August. There is smoke in the air some days. Fires are burning west and southwest of us. Seems that’s a given every Summer. The ground is dry. Rivers are low. The wind is warm. Cloths dry quickly outdoors on the line. My dog is panting a lot. I add a bit of powdered Gatorade to my water bottles when I head out for a day of angling due to the heat.

The Cutthroat streams are fishing well. I need to visit them more often. They are cool and clear, and the trout willing. The tailwater rivers that I frequent have been challenging. Generally poor hatches in comparison to past seasons and therefore often not a lot of opportunity at least until the end of the day, sometimes not even then. If you spot a good trout you want to make it count as there might not be another chance.

I’ve had several fine fish eat my small impressions lately but no hook up. A tiny hook can catch or sometimes simply slip out of a big mouth. That’s all part of the small fly game. Hopefully things will balance out by the end of the angling season.

The past few weeks I’ve walked a number of rivers. Here are some photos. I’m still getting accustomed to a new camera and at times experiencing some framing problems…

Abby snoozing riverside
cutthroat color

7 thoughts on “august

  1. Hi Bob,

    Hopper season is coming. Maybe a better chance of a hook-up when a big fish eats a big fly? I know it’s not the technique that you prefer to use. Nice pictures. I like the coiled barbed-wire hanging from the fence photo. Would make a nice print!


    • Vic,: Thanks for comment on photo re: coiled barbed wire. I’ve taken several similar pictures over the years; same subject. When I down-loaded the picture it kind of reminded me of a Celtic religious symbol or something like that.
      BTW, just tied up some big hopper patterns. Have a good day.

  2. Yes, the photo with the coiled barbed wire is really nicely done, definitely the Celtic theme there. Amazing posts as always.

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