October 28th

DSCN5568 (2)

Late October. It’s closing down. Hard to find rising fish. On Saturday saw a couple of trout surfacing inconsistently on my local river late in the day when the wind died down. Missed them. No other opportunities that day. On Sunday changed it up and took a drive through the mountains into British Columbia. Fished the Elk river in Fernie in the afternoon. Hoped for BWO’s. Hoped for some rising Cutthroats. Found some. Nothing big. Caught several. Missed several. Not a great hatch. Actually quite weak. As I said, it’s closing down. I had to search slow collector areas; back eddies, etc., in order to find some rising fish. Only saw one other angler as I worked my way upstream. It was a young boy and his grandmother. He was fishing. She was supervising. They were standing above at a deep, clear, calm pool next to a huge log-jam, spotting cutthroats and occasionally catching one. When they saw me they said, “We didn’t think there would be anybody else foolish enough to be out today”. With a big smile the boy showed me a photo of a Cutthroat he had just landed. A great fish. He didn’t know what fly he caught it on. I checked. It was a small parachute Adams.

I went just upstream of them and fished a slow area. Two fools casting dry flies in late October in the rain, sleet and snow. Two fools, a grandmother and a wet dog.

Some soggy, foggy photos…

DSCN5561 (2)

side channel


DSCN5566 (2)

DSCN5567 (2)

one clear photo!

DSCN5564 (2)

more beaver cuttings


DSCN5569 (2)

DSCN5559 (2)

challenging walking river’s edge, busy beavers


10 thoughts on “October 28th

    • Jim: Thanks for comment. Closing down is tough. If weather not too cold this winter might swing a streamer with a 2 handed rod. Did it about 4 yrs ago and it was “kind of fun” on a sunny day. I tied some small bugger like flies with rubbery legs, sink tips, and pretended I was in chasing sea run browns in the land of fire, patagonia!
      I guess you are all set for a landing on the flamingo coast!

    • Mr N; Don’t know how long ago you were there but place has changed somewhat but still small town feel to it. The Elk river is an amazing fishery. It’s well protected and has many good sized cutthroats. Fishes well on top, esp in late summer: august and September as water levels have dropped. I often fish it right in town. Lots of small rivers around too….

  1. Leaner times ahead for finding rising fish, but, a fella’s got to keep looking. Memories of the “last fish” might have to last a while. Southeast BC is a neat place.

  2. Another season has come and gone. Unless a person is hardy enough to brave the elements on some of the rivers that stay open during winter, we’ll have to wait 7-1/2 months for opening day to arrive. At least then, we won’t have to worry about fly rod guides, fingers, and toes icing-up. The other option would be to get away on a winter fishing trip to a warmer climate before then.

  3. Vic: 7.5 months sounds like an eternity. A person can only snow-shoe so much! Good advice on heading to a warmer place. You should listen to your own advice. I’d welcome an angling partner; another good set of eyes to spot trout!
    Thanks for dropping in.

  4. Been lost in your blog for the last few hours, having discovered it from a link placed by the ignorant angler. I love the realism captured in the photos from this post. I can almost feel the damp chill on the other side of the blurred lens! Thanks for letting some of us live your experiences. Also- love the simplicity of this blog.

    • Dwight: The Ignorant Angler is a great blog. I read it regularly. And glad you found my link there and enjoyed some of my posts. Thanks for very kind comments. The simplicity is intentional from day one: photographs and content/writing, and the way I fly fish and approach my outings. Glad you appreciate it. Again, thanks for positive feedback.

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